The next three days should be horrible. Today is STAR, the phone store (again), the game board (can’t find blank dice) and Boy Scouts. I’ll stay up all night working on the “Invention Convention” stuff. I’ll watch the last episode of ‘Friends’. Tomorrow is the “Invention Convention” at school and the zoo set-up. Children need to be shuttled around. Sarah and Noah have choir practice and Sarah has a sleepover birthday at a friend’s house. Doug will be picking up zoo supplies at CSE. Saturday Noah has soccer and Doug and I have the zoo event. More shuttling children around. Once the zoo event is over I will be sane again. Or as close to sane as I ever get. Sunday is Mother’s Day. Amy just tossed a pile of unboxed CDs all over the floor. I need to get them picked up before Doug flips out.

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  1. or paint already existing dice or use white labels cut into squares to cover the sides of the dice.

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