When I finally sat down to blog last night the system was down for updates. I feel like I am way behind on my blogging now.

Amy didn’t get more than a 30 minute nap for the past 3 days so last night she was a major grumpy bear. She insisted on being held and although I was able to unload and reload the dishwasher, I gave up on the laundry. Likewise, I made no progress on the birthday party preparations because she screamed and threw things in every store we entered so we bought nothing. Yesterday couldn’t have been less relaxing. I feel like the only thing accomplished yesterday was physical and mental exhaustion.

Today I will try to get some housework done and mentally recover so that the party plans can be completed tomorrow. The morning has started off poorly with a phone call from Tommy’s teacher complaining about Tommy’s behavior and several “tech support” calls from my father.

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