Even though I felt it coming on all day yesterday, I couldn’t stop the migraine that slammed me by afternoon. Today it is still sitting there, taunting me that it will burst back into full flame at any moment. Very frustrating.

Because I didn’t feel up to doing my usual evening walk-through of the upstairs where I straighten up each room and put things away before allowing myself to go downstairs to the comfort of bed, the upstairs looks like a tornado this morning. I have several things I’d like to blog about, including the book I was reading until Tommy claimed it. However, that will have to wait. I have to clean now.

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  1. CDC is a dumping ground for all children that can’t function in the regular classroom. MR, severely autistic, multiply handicapped, everything and anything.

  2. I don’t know the answer to that question. I hope that it will inspire him not to be limited by his diagnosis.

  3. Right now they are planning to shove him in a CDC class but we have another IEP next week.

  4. The school system is playing games with us. Got a phone call “Oh, I must have been in a different meeting. I thought we resolved everything. … well you know he’s in a CDC classroom now.” I love being treated like an idiot by people that obviously don’t give a rats ass.

  5. Will the book give him ammunition and spur ideas of “oh! I can add that to my repertoire”? or will it help give him understanding of self?

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