Because we are strange parents who think a certain amount of chaos is normal, we had 26 children, 2 infants and a dozen adults gather for a mass birthday party. One chocolate cake, two cupcakes and a giant cookie were required as well as 26 goody bags, juice boxes and the other necessary supplies. We accomplished a party with no tears or hurt feelings! Would have been a flawless event if not for one missing watch that was pocketed by an unknown 8-y-o boy. We haven’t decided if we should forget about it or bring it to the other parents’ attention so that when someone has to explain where his new watch came from his parents will have an alarm bell go off in their heads. Your thoughts?

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  1. You could ‘ask’ them if they have seen the watch, and could they please keep an eye out for it as it a treasured present and ‘insert name here’ is upset that they can’t find it.

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