Even though I was up from 4 until 5, I just didn’t have the energy or mental clarity to blog. Tommy threw up his sugar binge. Guzzled water (Tommy doesn’t sip anything) and vomited again. There is now no clean laundry and Tommy’s room is going to need scrubbing top to bottom, every square inch. Not only does he not try to get to the bathroom, he doesn’t even look down. He just stops what he’s doing and lets it projectile out or dribble down as it wishes to do. The steroids have him in a rage that I would say is similar to that of a serial killer. Doug is tired, cranky and frustrated. Amy’s right eye looks a bit watery but it’s too soon to tell. I just want to crawl back under my covers and not get up for a week or two.

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  1. Maybe we should have the pede call in drops just in case. It would be nice to have her dosage on reserve for the future anyway.

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