Having cold hands or feet can be written off to bad circulation. How do you explain a cold hiney? In bed I stick my popsicle feet against Doug to hear him scream and he leans that frozen fanny of his against me. It’s not even a big rear. It’s a small bottom that is just freezing cold all the time. Why is that?

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  1. Because the blood supply isn’t that great in that area, due to the fatty tissue. Tim often coms to bed with a cold tush too, in the colder months.

  2. thats because i sit out in my unheated office / garage until 2 am and its freezing cold – well cool anyway – and you have been lying in a heated waterbed with yoiur superheated female body for the previous 4 hours. no wonder you notice the difference!
    ps i like snuggling up to you at 2am!

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