Entrusted a selfish liar with three of my most precious gifts for the weekend. Not that I’m bitter. 🙂 Went to Sam’s and loaded up on the groceries. My father called as we were walking in Sam’s asking us to come over and spend the evening working on his yard. I said “no, we have our own yardwork that needs doing” but Doug told him we’d call back. Had no signal in Sam’s so by the time I called back we were on our way home with frozen stuff. My mother was annoyed that we weren’t at the house helping and when I offered to help Saturday even though we had planned on spending Saturday on our yard she got snappy. “I have to take my mother for a haircut and shopping. You’ll have to tell your father you aren’t coming because I won’t.” So I tried talking to my father and offered to work around their Saturday errands. He didn’t know about the Saturday errands and got snappy with me. “How am I supposed to get anything done around here if I have to spend my weekends doing stuff for her mother?” I wanted to scream that I felt like that but instead I made ugly gestures at the phone. So, now we’re at home and I feel guilty because we didn’t go work on my parents yard and I know we’ll end up over there all day tomorrow. Our yard is never going to get done.

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