Doug fell asleep last night, so I brought Amy to our bed and held her for a while. She is either getting a cold or having some allergies. Could be either. This morning she was more interested in playing than in sitting in bed with us. I still haven’t heard from the other children and my anxiety level is cranked up to high. Doug is playing with the cat using the laser pointer. I think I’ll get dressed and try to find something fun to do with Amy. I want to go look at puppies. I have puppy on the brain. Before you gripe at me, recognize that puppy is better than baby because there’s no college costs involved.

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  1. Doug and I were having a weekend without the children at a nice hotel in another town and had a marathon evening. In the middle we both nodded off for a sec and quickly recovered, pretending we didn’t fall asleep and hoping the other didn’t notice. The next day we both confessed and realized we had micro-napped simultaneously. 🙂

  2. haha
    “Doug fell asleep last night”

    i thought for a minute that maybe this was an unusual occurrence, then got naughty and thought maybe he fell asleep while performing…

  3. OK now, Doug and I have a very funny story about falling asleep during an intimate moment but we stopped telling it because other people didn’t see it the way we saw it.

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