I finally finished organizing the 10,000 beads, hair scrunchies, craft supplies and assorted mess in the girls’ room. While I was doing it Doug came up and took Amy from the room so I wouldn’t have to do twice the cleaning. He offered to watch her so I could clean. A few minutes later he went back downstairs and I should have stopped and gone to watch Amy in the living room but I was trying so hard to get the room done that I waited. By the time I went to check on her she had climbed on the table and gotten into the cookie cabinet. In doing so she knocked over a coke and it soaked the Sunday paper and got on my papers and in my keyboard. I have too much cleaning to get to sit and read the paper anyway. Amy napped for an hour and that gave me the time I needed to finish the girls’ room. Now the kitchen is trashed again so I’m going to risk leaving Amy unwatched long enough to start a load of laundry and then I’ll clean the kitchen. I thought Doug was going to hang the hardware in the hall bathroom but he was just “thinking” about where he was going to put it. Sarah is spending the day at my parents getting to do whatever she wants. “Sure you can make pancakes for lunch.”

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