Laundry – If my family wants something and it’s not waiting, folded in their drawer, they get upset. When they are finished with a piece of clothing it falls to the floor until I move it or ask them to move it. If the clothes are being folded on the table I get complaints because the table is unusable. If the clothes are being folded on the couch I get complaints about how messy it looks and the lack of seating. Laundry is supposed to magically wash, dry, fold and put itself away every night while people sleep. The laundry fairy must not know where we live because it just won’t work that way over here.

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  1. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! They COULD but they WON’T. I can’t even get people to put laundry in the color-coded baskets.

  2. I have no problem doing the laundry. My problem is people getting annoyed if it isn’t done quickly enough or acting put out if I’m taking up space with the folding.

  3. We tried that and Tommy just rewore dirty clothes. Once, prior to this, his underwear turned green and he ended up needing special medication to make the fungus go away.

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