I took a long bath without only a half a dozen visitors. Noah has gone to play at a friend’s. Sarah is deeply lost in her book and Tommy has gone to chat with our neighbor. Amy is napping and I should dry my hair before she wakes but first I’m blogging. I initiated phase two of the summer chores program today. Phase one was a list of chores (all quite simple) and educational activities the children could do for money. Not real money, virtual money that I write in their personal checkbook register. The boys both rolled their eyes and ignored it all week. Today I added a list of activities they could use the money for (PS2 and Gameboy) as well as some activities that will cause them to be fined (ex. leaving the house without brushing teeth). Once again, the boys don’t care. All they care about is playing and themselves. Sarah has taken several reading breaks to do quick chores. Plus, I pay for reading time. Tonight we will have “store” and they can use their money to buy things from the box of treasures that I collect here and there. My goal is to bankrupt the boys so that they will have a motivation to do some of their money making chores and educational activities. Phase three will be revisions based on what I learn over the next week or two. Any outside ideas would be welcomed.

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  1. I was very impressed by the Dilley parents. They had sextuplets and their “discipline” ladder has become famous. I’ll look it up and send you the link.

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