My mother’s Graves Disease is worse than before her radiation. I don’t know if she’ll get more radiation or end up having surgery. My grandmother, her mother, was just taken back to the hospital. She no longer recognizes anyone and can’t feed herself or do anything. She has become vegetative so rapidly that even the doctors are surprised. If she makes it out of the hospital this time it will be to a hospice facility. This has not been a very good day.

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  1. Her levels are higher than before the radiation. The thyroid is still acting up. The doctor is taking a wait and see approach so she feels miserable. Doctor said the thyroid ‘might’ just suddenly stop working or she might get a second radiation dose.

  2. Removal requies surgery. The radiation was supposed to eliminate the need for surgery. Either way she’ll need hormones once it stops working.

  3. sorry to hear that
    i have graves disease also and my specialist has been urging me for years to get radiated – i have resisted
    i have an appointment next week – will resist again!
    can you give me any specifics about here condition afterward. what are her thyroxin levels etc?
    did the radiation get the whole thyroid?

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