It’s quiet over here today. Tommy slept until 10 and now he’s reading. Amy has mashed bananas on her dolls (“eat ba-ba, eat”) and taken the DVDs out of their cases so she could polka-dot the living room floor and use them for stepping stones. Doug has gone to ride horses with my former employer. It’s a little strange that my husband is best buddies with my old boss, but such is the nature of Doug and I. We do things that make other people shake their heads and mumble. The birds are singing and trying to trick me into thinking it’s a beautiful day to go work outside. They can’t fool me. I know that within minutes I’d have mosquito bites and invisible pollution (and radiation) attacking my immune system. I only have an hour or two before my parents call and insist that we go work on their yard (“With your help it’ll get done in an hour”).

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