Tennessee has a new child restraint law going into effect on July 1st. It means that we will have to go buy a booster seat for our 8-year-old child to use for one year. This child has been out of the booster seat for two years. I could understand the law effecting children who have never moved out of the booster seat but do they know what kind of wars and tears we’re going to have trying to get a child back into a booster seat? This will have a negative effect on all the families who carpool children to school and sports practices. How sane is it to pack 5-year-olds into over-crowded buses that don’t even have seat belts when families will be ticketed for not having an 8-year-old in a special restraint seat? Unless the state of TN buys us a booster seat we’re going to be civil disobedients on this one.

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  1. Eight years old and under 5 feet must be in a booster seat. Once they turn nine a seat belt is acceptable.

  2. I thought it was 8 y.o. or a height and weight limit. I’ll have to look at my stuff I got this weekend again.

  3. Once they turn nine or are 5 feet tall they can just use a seat belt. The rules are very clear but poorly applied when children who are already out have to go back in. There should be a grandfathering clause, a stair-stepped change of law or they should have made it effective later so nobody got caught in between.

  4. What if they never grow above 4′ 8″? Does a 28 year old 4’8″ tall person require a booster?

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