It’s still a work in progress, but I got the rough draft of my logo onto the blog. What do you think? This family is collecting postcards from around the world. Maybe you can help them out?

I was planning on dropping the children at VBS and doing some grocery shopping while they were there. My mother has asked me to spend that time visiting my grandmother who doesn’t even know who I am. It is soooo pathetic when my only time alone is at the grocery and even more pathetic when I can’t even have an hour alone at the grocery. Now I’ll visit the grocery tomorrow with all four children in tow.

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  1. becuase the blogger banner takes up so much space and then your logo (which looks great ) does too, how about setting it as a fixed watermark in the scren and then as people scroll its always visible behind the text

    ask me or doug for the html code to do that if you want – and i can also show you a site i have done like that so you can see what i mean

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