Went to visit my grandmother. She was almost chatty even though she didn’t make much sense. When she just had a “little Alzheimers” she had some personality quirks that were similar to Tommy’s. I wondered if there is a brain connection, like maybe the same part of the brain is very fragile and easily re-wired so that although they function, there are distinct differences in how they function. That doesn’t make any sense when I see it written out. I should probably have waited until morning to try explaining that connection (or lack thereof). At any rate it doesn’t matter now because she is very much like 2-year-old Amy. Self-centered, single-focused and very difficult to communicate with now. While there I was holding Amy (who is quickly becoming more functional than her great-grandmother) and she announced “baby pee-pee”. I felt the warmth of the diaper after she said it so it was a warning of what she was going to do. She then wiggled out of my arms, sprawled out on her back with her legs spread eagle and said “change me”. Seems to me she should be able to go in the potty if she can do all of that.

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