I felt a migraine coming on all day yesterday but chose the least effective method of treatment, “ignore it and it will go away”. By the time I tried to sleep I was feeling quite ill. Writhed in bed all night but by morning I was doing better. Today I can still feel it, lurking behind a curtain, waiting to jump out and attack me with a vengeance. Light, sound and smell are all my enemy today. I am lucky that my senses are only out of rhythm and my filters broken when I have a migraine. Tommy endures the pain daily as he hasn’t learned the balance he needs or the methods to manipulate the constant sensory bombardment. Today I will seek calm which means that tomorrow I’ll have twice as much cleaning and chores to get done, but it is a necessary compromise. The children are all happy and content today. The husband is busily beating himself down and seeing only what is wrong in our lives instead of counting his blessings. He needs a day of revitalization. His tank is empty and he is running on nothing.

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  1. Wow I hope you are feeling better soon. I have been suffering from migraines too and I know it’s no fun at all!

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