I was going to take a long, hot bath (with interruptions from the children of course) but Amy decided to paint herself like a clown with her big sister’s lipgloss (again). I scrubbed her as much as possible without getting soap in her eyes. By the time she was done the bathtub was inhospitable. I prepared to take Amy down for a nap but first Doug let me know how much the children and I interfere with his day. At that point I decided to lie down while Amy did so. A risky move but Tommy was off to visit a friend (I hold my breath as I say it) and I had the monitor on in the girls’ room in case they needed me. They were playing nicely and would have been fine but Doug martyred himself and sat upstairs until I got up with Amy. I shouldn’t have gone down, big mistake. I need to keep the kids out of the house for a few days so Doug can have peace and quiet.

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