I refuse to buy “chocolate” cereal because that’s candy (unless it’s for me, then it’s medicinal), not breakfast. I do occasionally flip out and let someone talk me into “Lucky Charms” or a similar cereal with colorful marshmallow (that’s what they say they are anyway) pieces. I should never, ever buy these. Even the just-turned-two-year-old has the sense to pick out the fake marshmallow bits. “Cereal all gone” as she hands me a bowl FULL of little cardboard looking grain pieces. Yet I know that the next time we are at the grocery I’ll have someone begging for “Reeses Cereal” and “movie-themed cereal with marshmallow cartoon characters”. Personally I think cereal comes in two main flavors. Would you prefer “paper pulp” or “sugar with food coloring”. Umm, no thank you. Pop-tarts are very popular in our house but unless it’s the fudge flavor I’ll skip those, too. Of course fudge pop-tarts are cookies, not breakfast.

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  1. I am a bad bad mom. I let them pick out what cereal they want and two days a week they get to eat cereal and we eat pop tarts too. Correction THEY eat pop tarts!

  2. That’s not bad mom. That’s sane mom. I let the children eat cereal and pop-tarts, especially on school mornings. I just don’t eat them.

  3. We don’t eat poptarts but then I am not sure they even sell them anymore here. I don’t buy cereal often because the kids only eat one or two bowlfulls then let the rest go stale, make mum eat it or make pretty patterns on the floor with it. These kids are toast for breakfast except for occassional pancakes or cereal.

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