I want to live in an old schoolhouse. DH thinks that is crazy but it makes sense to me. Our economy is out-of-whack and it is easier and less expensive to build a new building than to renovate an old one. When a factory closes because the work has been sent overseas, people move and schools close. The buildings sit empty and vacant until they eventually fall apart. Schools have high ceilings and a classroom would make a great bedroom. The hallways are wide enough to allow rollerblades. Rainy days don’t matter when you have your own gym. A library would be a dream come true. Imagine how much “stuff” you could store in the kitchen. It would be ready-made for cooking large quantities of food. So, since we’re unemployed, if anyone wants to give us a schoolhouse I’m willing to move.

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  1. Even with the knowledge that the bathrooms would have to be completely renovated as well as a few 1/2 baths added, I still want a schoolhouse.

  2. I can tell you one thing, I still wouldn’t shower in my high school locker room showers. It would take about 3,000 gallons of bleach before I would step in there. But otherwise, the school-house could work!

  3. I know you meant mansion. Judith is right, we’d need to have more bathrooms put in and the existing ones changed.

  4. I like this idea of living in a school house. It sounds perfect except for the awful long way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  5. I love the idea. There was a school for sale in South Knoxville and recently another one became office space. I could have my padded gym floor and high ceilings for juggling. The kids could play basketball and climb ropes every day. We could have specific rooms for different activites. And the library just sounds so wonderful! It would be like being in a masion!

  6. I never thought about it before, but wow what a great idea! That would be wonderful. We have some friends here in England that live in an old schoolhouse, but it is not the same in England, it actually looks like a house. Disappointing.

  7. If you get one big enough, you could just have your own school house commune. It would be much more affordable that way. I’ll join you!

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