Sarah is camping in the mountains all week. The weatherman has predicted a beautiful, sunny week. We will be sending her a fax for “mail call” every day. Anyone have a good camping cartoon or joke?

Tommy can’t behave well enough to be left alone in a Sunday School class full of MR adults. He has been kicked out of group therapy. The high school has already made it clear that his days will be spent at a computer in the CDC class. They don’t intend to mainstream him at all. I don’t know what to do or how to help him any more. He wants a friend but he self-destructs any attempts to have him around peers. I would move to the moon if it would help him learn to function. I don’t expect him to be any different than who he is but right now he is destined to spend his life sitting on his bed playing video games and reading. Tommy is too smart and sweet to never have a friend or life partner. How can I help someone who doesn’t want to be helped?

Amy took her nap from 6 until 8 this evening and it looks like she’ll be up partying all night. With all the fireworks going off in the neighborhood, the dog will be spending the night on my bed whimpering. Noah stayed at the grandparents for the third night in a row. I like it better when he is home. Doug is preoccupied with computer maintenance for a friend.

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