Sarah recovered quickly with the new puppy to distract her. Now we need to come up with a good name for our solid black, female German Shepherd puppy. So far the possibilities are: Godiva, Genii, Sally, Dotty, Gypsy, Roxie, Lupin, Saphira, Snowball (?), Lottery, Vesta, Juno and Sarasvati. She can have one long name for her papers but needs one pronounceable name to be called by the family. Last call for ideas before the family meeting.

Some of the other Project Blog participants are doing heavy pimping to get sponsors. I already promised you would hear my voice for the first time. I can also offer some photoblogs from The Knoxville Zoo since the blogging begins the morning after I have a sleepover at the zoo with my Girl Scout troop and I won’t make it home before 8. I guess I could send a naked picture of myself to anyone who sponsors big money but Tim and Alice have already seen it and it is slightly over two years old (and not remotely sexy). I’ll make new offers if I start getting sponsors for The Autism Society. Come on, I’m willing to skip sleep for 24 hours after staying up all night at the zoo with a group of pre-teen girls. I’m bound to be punch-drunk silly.

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  1. I stand by my earlier picks… especially widget. Goth would work, too. Carmen sez Midnight or Middie or Blackie

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