It looks like the puppy names have been narrowed down to: Penny (Penny Lane on her papers), Magic (Black Magic Woman on papers) or Molly (Good Golly Miss Molly on papers). Gypsy, Coltrane and Juno were close runners-up. Noah suggests that we just “pick a name” and quit worrying about it. “The puppy doesn’t care what we call her.” No name started to exact revenge for the toddler stealing puppy toys this morning. Amy was wearing a blanket sleeper with feeties and puppy decided to grab one of those floppy foot coverings and despite Amy’s complaints, puppy dragged the toddler a few feet and then proceeded to apply slobbery kisses.

Tommy spent yesterday day afternoon “picking” at his toenails absent-mindedly and managed to completely remove the toenail from one of his little toes. Wouldn’t you think the pain would have stopped him before it went that far?

Sarah has been rescheduled for a week at Girl Scout camp after I whined about the camp closing just because the power went out. The 2 1/2 days she went were a practice run so we’d be better prepared next time. The drive up there is unbelievably beautiful. Doug and I both told her to be sure we are planted in the mountains but Sarah wasn’t amused by the conversation topic. We saw 2 young deer (still had their spots), a suicidal turtle and what I think was a fox (too quick to be sure). We took a quick walking tour of the camp when we dropped her off. At the trading post Sarah peeked at all of the snacks and little trinkets. Doug looked at the display and then whispered in my ear (while giggling) “They sell tampons. Hee-hee.” I turned to what looked like my husband but sounded like a 13-year-old boy. I guess it’s good that he can still surprise me, but I’d rather the surprises to be more, ummm adult.

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  1. All the children want Magic. I am a little distracted by the image of a basketball player but I like the name ok otherwise.

  2. Well here I am agian. My 4 yr old muscle boy, (he thinks every new fat roll is muscle, lol) also picks his little toe nail off. I have a crazy little toe nail as he does, the joy of genetics. He has cried about it and still does it. Boys are more needful of help than us mommy’s can offer at times, but I wouldn’t take a beach house for my boy. Maybe a girl, but never a beach house.

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