I only have two weeks to get sponsors for Project Blog! Eeeek! I have $40 sponsored right now. I’m not very good at math, but that means I’ll be developing some serious wrist, neck and backache for about 1.67 per hour.

In today’s puppy-toddler rivalry, the toddler exacted revenge for being dragged across the floor yesterday by dragging a sleeping puppy all the way back to the bedroom. Yesterday the puppy slept through a cat walking on her. Wouldn’t it be great to sleep that deep? I wouldn’t need Tylenol PM every night.

Amy’s black eye is nearly gone, so she has spent today running and crashing into walls. Not accidently, like a crash test dummy. I have no explanation. Last night Sarah had a friend sleep over and tonight she has a swim party. Poor thing just hasn’t a thing to do. Doug and Tommy are moving my grandmother to yet another nursing home. Every time she complains, my mother moves her. My father has already tried talking me into moving her to an ice flow but I told him that I was saving that trip for when he left planet functional. I’m off to play “Mom Limo” and when I return my website and e-mail had better be working again. Grrrr.

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  1. We had friends whose two-year-ld would close his eyes and walk until he fell down, then he would just laugh and laugh! Craziest thing to watch.

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