musical memories

I dropped Sarah off at the pool and since I have about 30 minutes before going back to pick her up, I’m wasting that time on the computer. Obviously my mind doesn’t work correctly. Another example, this afternoon I was sulking on the couch (because my mail and website are down) when the radio played Melissa Manchester singing Midnight Blue and the line “wouldn’t you give your hand to a friend” made me think of Rick Dees. Rick Dees was a DJ when I lived in Memphis and he would play Interview with Jaws (and others like it) during his radio show and it used that line from Melissa’s song. Thinking about that song reminded me of a high school classmate and friend who babysat for Rick Dees. This friend wanted a memento from Mr.Dees (he was a big celebrity in Memphis) but didn’t have the courage to just ask for an autograph and was too good a Baptist to just take a pencil or something. She finally rationalized that she could take something from his trash IF it had no value (this was pre Ebay) and she didn’t sell it so she took a gum wrapper from his trash can. And I got all of this because an old song came on the radio. No wonder I never get anything done.

2 thoughts on “musical memories

  1. It’s called stream of consciousness thinking. It made William Faulkner one of the most famous writers, so there is hope!

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