A million years ago when I had just left my teen years behind (chronologically, not emotionally) I was driving I-don’t-remember-where and saw an old friend walking by the road. His family lived down the road from mine and we were quite far from home. After the usual “It’s great to see you” comments I offered him a ride and he seemed genuinely thankful. I asked where he needed to go and he thought for a minute before saying “home, I guess.” We had a nice drive home chatting about people I lost contact with when my parents transferred me to a private school for high school. I dropped him off at his house and it seemed quite dark so he mumbled something about his parents’ being away. I never saw him again. I never saw him again in person. Later that week his picture was on the cover of the newspaper as one of the 10 most wanted in Memphis. Apparently he had taken a little stroll away from the penal colony where he was serving time and I conveniently came along and helped him make his getaway. Oops.

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  1. How funny. Mine was getting to drive a guy friends Corvette. Never saw or heard from him again. Years later found out he was in prison serving time for stealing a Corvette. I guess I was high enough on his list to be the one he drove straight to. Lucky me. NOT! LOL

  2. We wear dark glasses, dark suits, and have no sense of humor. We will find you, Sara Conner, and when we do…

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