Making lists of things to do before you die is so popular now that MSN has even grabbed the topic. At least one Project Blogger is using it as a theme for her 24 hours of blogging. I can’t make 24 hours worth of blog about it but I will work on my list during the event. Another topic will be “Things I’ve done while driving” which has some umm, disgusting and disappointing items on its’ list. Send me topic suggestions and questions you want answered during Project Blog right after you sign up to sponsor me in my fundraising efforts for The Autism Society.

We went to see Spiderman 2 last night. Very tight with humor, action and a teeny bit of philosophy. The dinner party was one of the movie highlights. I have one concern but I don’t want to post a blatant spoiler so I’ll just say that the third movie has the potential to be a giant flop because of the umm, wardrobe malfunctions in this movie. Ok, too obvious a clue but you still need to see it if you have ever been a comic book geek.

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  1. Saw it tonight. Well, I guess at 3 am, I mean, saw it yesterday. I liked the sort of inside joke about him hurting his back since there was speculation that Tobey McGuire would not be making the movie because of back problems, a claim he refutes.
    I really enjoyed it more than the first one.

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