Time for a Monday Walkabout and then back to the laundry and dishes:
Cricket’s Corner is my first addition. She is a Project Blog participant who is listing all of the things she wants to do before she dies. Visit her list for inspiration to start your own. Then I added,
Motherhood and all that because she is 40, pregnant, has a toddler and has a teen. Sounds like a sitcom to me. My third new blog is,
The dullest blog in the world because the irony made me giggle out loud. At this point I got a little stuck because I kept popping in on bloggers who couldn’t go a sentence without f*ck this or f*cking that and that just turns me off. I understand the power of words but let’s use a little variety people. Anyway, my fourth addition is,
What’s UP down South who carefully describes her recent travels in Amsterdam, and finally
Big Orange Michael, a Tennessean who watches too much tv and reads some of the same authors I read. This week turned out to be a much more exhausting Walkabout than last week’s.

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  1. LOL. I have to agree that I probably do watch way too much TV. And it will only get worse when the fall season rolls around.

    Of course, two of the shows I regularily watch–24 and Alias–don’t start until January. And they cancelled Angel…:(

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