Last week Amy destroyed Noah’s battery-powered toothbrush by cleaning her toes with it (she did use toothpaste) and today she fed Noah’s regular toothbrush to Molly, so Noah got a new toothbrush today. Molly has her days and night confused now. She naps most of the day and spends the night getting on and off our bed while playing with a tennis ball and a cornstarch bone. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if she could figure out how to get on the bed without assistance. Right now she comes up and gnaws on my arm or slobbers in my face until I lift her onto the bed. She stays for less than 5 minutes and then we repeat the game, all night long.

Tommy started his new anti-depressant today. I hate it when the doctors add meds without taking meds away. This “cocktail” method of treating Tommy just bothers me on way too many levels. I am still trying to let my hair dry naturally (aka curly and frizzy) but it still drives me crazy not to have each hair in its’ place and it is still way too frizzy no matter what shampoo and conditioner I try.

Doug’s parents and his sister just returned from a week and a half in Ireland. So far we’ve heard that his sister wanted a sleeping pill on the plane and her shower was unpleasant. She also said “We went to see the Cliffs of Moher” but that was it. No details, no description of the sights and smells in all the new places she is experiencing for the first time. Hopefully she’ll start giving more details because everyone knows I live vicariously through the adventures in everyone else’s blogs. Not much excitement in toothbrush shopping and puppy poo.

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  1. Her parents kept her awake, the boat ride was choppy and she saw stone fences on her bike ride. I want more. How does the air smell? What are the colors on the landscape? What did she say to the man in the hotel?

  2. I have crazy curly hair, as well. Ir recommend frizz ease to everyone. Put it on when hair is wet. It really cuts down on the frizz.

  3. We need to give her a full day at Big South Fork or a park…um, she needs her flea and tick treatment first.

  4. Well there is somthing to be said for being a mom though, there may not be muc excitement, but you are a hero!

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