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  1. Here’s my thoughts:
    -I bet the first thing she (Martha) does is paint the bars pastel!

    -“To create the illusion of space, first slip the guard a $20 and have him leave your cell door open ‘due to good behavior’…”

    -“Martha Stewart’s Easy Living” to be renamed “Martha Stewart’s Easy Time”

    -“Today’s program is going to be on ‘solitary.’ Notice that the space is somewhat confining and we don’t have much to work with. Let’s talk light…”

  2. Jail is where people learn to be criminals. It should only be used for people who are a danger to others. Martha could have used her talents to cook for the homeless, care for the elderly and clean for the disabled. She would have felt much more punished than she will sitting in a guarded cell writing a new book.

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