No matter how much they spread out, Knoxville is still just a small town.  Beyond the University activities, there is very little to attract visitors.  Yes, we have some nice restaurants and interesting shops.  There’s a zoo and the usual bowling alleys, skate rinks and movie theaters but there just isn’t enough to warrant a vacation here.  Businesses crash and burn here quicker than I have ever seen.  Knoxville is surrounded by natural beauty and THAT is worth visiting.  Knoxville doesn’t need a taxpayer funded hotel.  If someone wants to spend their own money investing in a hotel, then more power to them.  Don’t ask the over-educated, under-employed Knoxvillians to pay for a hotel that is supposed to attract visitors.  Knoxvillians don’t utilize the exisiting library system so they certainly don’t need a large new library to ignore and avoid.  Stop thinking you are a big city Knoxville.  Accept that you are a small town.

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