Enough ranting about politics.  Today Amy twisted the dishwasher dial during a cycle and since I didn’t know where I was in the cycle, I had to start the load over completely.  She also poured the dogs’ food into the dog water.  Strike one.  Doug flipped out because Tommy ate a half a dozen eggs and even though I said nothing, he still got angry with me.  Strike two.  While at the Girl Scout store looking for the new S2B books, Amy made a present that made the entire store have a funky odor and everyone couldn’t help but comment on that smell.  Then, I caught Molly umm, recycling her output.  Strike three.  I’m out.  I’m going to hide in bed and watch a movie.

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  1. haha – erin did that yesterday – we still havent actually found the deposit yet – i suspect the dog did…

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