Calm, uneventful day over here. This week promises lots of activity and chaos. Monday the Asperger’s Support Group meets and Tuesday Tommy has an appointment with his therapist. Wednesday I am taking Molly to visit Tommy’s summer school class. Friday night I’ll be spending the night at the zoo with the Girl Scout troop and if you’ve ever had a pre-teen girl slumber party, you know that there is no “slumber” involved. Wish us good weather. Saturday morning I begin Project Blog while I am still in the midst of chaos at the zoo. Hopefully I’ll be home by noon on Saturday so that blogging will be sitting at my computer instead of trusting Audioblogger. I’ll blog through the night Saturday (after staying up with the scouts Friday night) and should be a mess by the time we leave to drive Sarah back to Girl Scout camp on Sunday. Monday I plan to sleep the entire day.

My Project Blog total remains steady at $140 but I wish it could make it to $200 by the time the event is finished. Please keep spreading the word about Project Blog to your fellow bloggers. You don’t pay anything now. When the event is over I’ll send you a reminder note and you can then pay directly to The Autism Society.

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  1. I look forward to seeing the results of Project Blog. I wish I had some extra cash lying around to help out, but being out of work, it ain’t easy. But I will be sending good thoughts your way if that helps…

  2. Thank you! That’s very sweet of you. You’re thinking of others when you should be thinking about yourself and you wonder why everyone in the blogosphere loves you.

  3. We totally understand since we’ve been unemployed since last October. I LOVE good thoughts! Words and ideas have magic powers you know. 😉

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