Instead of waiting until evening, I’m starting the day with a Monday Walkabout:
the ELLA Echo is my first addition. She is a Project Blog participant who is also a fellow Tennessean. Then I added,
no title yet who, like so many bloggers out there, has a new baby. I need to start finding more menopausal bloggers. Any recommendations? My third new blog is,
Haiku of the Day to see if I could work myself up to joining the haiku madness in the blog world. My fourth addition is,
Dave Berry’s Blog which I post as an apology for putting Michael Moore’s blog on one of my Monday Walkabouts. Someone please tell Mr.Moore that if you don’t post at least once a week, it’s a website and not a blog. I saved the best for last with
Hulk’s Diary, which is so funny I’ve had trouble waiting all week to add this one. Be sure to notice that this blog has been around since 2002. Funny stuff.

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