I went to my favorite used book store to today and although they didn’t take most of the books I had brought to trade, they did take some and I found a “Carl” board book for Amy. That was a happy moment. She is now sitting on the couch studying her wordless book about a dog named Carl.

I have been pestering Doug to consider taking some classes that might teach him some new skills and to work on a technical degree. Just something to help him look better on his resume and feel more confident in his abilities. I knew he thought that anything less than a bachelor’s program was beneath him but I thought he’d have fun once he got started. Today he toured a local technology college and decided he needed to go back to school and get his bachelor’s degree. If I had sent him to a school for people getting realtor licenses he would have come back ready to be a realtor. Somehow he missed out that I asked him to “explore all his options” and heard only ‘go back to school’. Don’t get me wrong, I want him to do whatever will finally make him happy, I just think he could be talked into selling Amway or Avon. I thought he’d consider all his options before making his decision. My parents have offered to help us if he needs some time getting better prepared for the job market but we’ll need more than their help. His parents would have to help too and well, that’s a topic Doug would have to cover. The whole 2-4 years thing was disconcerting since Doug went to UT for 4 years and I really think it should be 1-2 years that he has left. I also think he expects a management position after he gets his degree and he doesn’t believe me that fresh out of college applicants are offered 24K in most fields. I feel like a bad wife writing this. I’m not being supportive and encouraging or any of the things I’m supposed to be. I’m tired of not having money for groceries. I haven’t been anywhere or done anything fun alone with my husband in forever. We desperately need a night out or even (gasp) a night alone in a hotel. No construction, no laundry, no responsibilities, just clean sheets, a fully functional bathroom and time together. Someday maybe, but probably not.

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