I’m failing miserably at potty training both Amy AND the puppy. Today I took Tommy to his therapist and the meeting started with me getting called back to find out what I’m doing to fix the situation about Tommy and school. Nothing. The school is going to keep him in the dumping ground classroom and all his classes will be on the computer. They won’t let him out of the room until he can behave and he won’t learn to behave stuck in that room. I can’t afford a lawyer or private school and the school isn’t budging an inch so I’ve done NOTHING to make it better. But thank you so much for reminding me what a bad mother I am Dr. Therapist. I can’t think of anything to do for Tommy’s birthday next week. I have no money and Tommy has no friends. My father keeps coming up with great ideas that leave me home babysitting Amy and my parents paying the bill. Doug is so stressed I could roam this house completely naked and he wouldn’t even blink. Not that my almost 40 body is anything to get excited about. I think I need a nap. And some tea. What time is it? Is it cold in here?

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