Bush must quit blogging. Wouldn’t it be great if more politicians and celebrities had blogs? They might actually turn out to be real human beings with insecurities and feelings instead of the Barbie dolls and GI Joe’s that they appear to be.

A very thoughtful reader who I only know by a pseudoname has very generously sent a gift for Tommy’s birthday. If the gift had been sent to me I would have turned it down, but I gratefully and thankfully accept it for Tommy. I will get a gift card and tell him that it is from a friend of his on the Internet. Tommy will be thrilled and not just because of the gift. Tommy wants to have and be a friend. Sometimes he is just horrible but other times he is so caring and thoughtful. He really wants to please others, he just doesn’t understand how to do so. If you have a preference for the store the gift card should be from, please let me know. Again, thank you very much. Your act of kindness made me happy today.

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