Not since Tommy was a toddler has there been such a destructor of toilet paper as Molly. Molly also enjoys a good book, for a snack. The wood floors slow down her wild romps through the house as they cause her feet to slide in every direction so that she looks like a scene from “Bambi”. The Disney version you pervs. Molly needs to visit a beach soon so that she can splash in the shallow water instead of wading in and dumping her water bowl. I am seriously considering feeding Molly cheese to counter whatever in her dog food is so packed with fiber. I’ve never seen so much poop in my life and I have four children so I’ve seen and cleaned a lot of poop. She is so big it’s easy to forget she’s only 3 months old but her frequent hiccups remind me she’s still very immature. She is funny to watch and I love the moments when she sleeps curled up stretched out against me.

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