Busy Mom typed up a “Back to School” checklist in her blog. Our family has to do most of the things on the list year-round to keep track of everyone’s schedules and needs.

  • When the school supplies go on sale in the summer for 10 cents a spiral or 5 cents a folder I stock up. During the year I don’t have to run to the store when the children tell me on their way to school that they are out of something and need it that same day. If it’s in the box of school supplies they grab it or they have to do without for a day. I know that Thursday afternoon there will be a few items I haven’t stockpiled which are sold out at every store in town. Last year it was erasable red pens. This year I have the elusive pens but some cruel teacher will zing me with an unexpected item.
  • Our family has a meeting every Sunday to review the week’s schedule. We all (except Amy) carry a Franklin planner of some variety. There is a large marker board beside the front door with important appointments listed.
  • Each child has a desk in their bedroom but homework is usually done at the kitchen table so that I can keep up with who is doing what. I clean out backpacks every evening to make sure there are no notes or unfinished homework being forgotten.
  • Every night before bed I straighten up the children’s bedrooms. Every few weeks I go in and do a major cleanup to reorganize drawers and throw away “happy meal” toys that have accumulated.
  • Every night before I go to bed the backpacks are packed, clothes laid out and notes signed. Lunch checks are signed and lunch is packed for the picky eater who doesn’t like what’s on the menu for the next day.
  • I throw on clothes and look like crap on school mornings. I get a nice bath and clean hair while Amy has her nap. When the children come home I’m ready for the chaos.
  • Bath, dinner and bedtime somehow happen every night so that I can do chores, play on the computer and spend time with my husband.

Part of me is dreading the extra meetings and schedule demands that school brings but another part of me enjoys the routine and structure. This week will be a rough adjustment but next week will be great. I’ll be fine until they do the stupid move your clocks back or forward an hour routine. That totally messes with our groove.

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