Yesterday I contributed to the local economy at “Rita’s” to order Tommy’s dice cake and indulge in thumbprint cookies (it’s like eating fresh butter) before visiting the “Girl Scout Shop” to grab a few things before the troop kicks into gear. After that I picked up my mother’s cat food at “Village Veterinary Clinic” and then I scoured the clearance racks at “Smart Toys and Books“. I watched a car wreck but decided against waiting to report what really happened when I saw that one of the drivers was throwing a tantrum. I went in the mall I can find without getting lost and picked up a mall gift card for Tommy from his anonymous internet friend. Came home and worked on the laundry and dishes.

Today I will visit Mir’s lover and pick up the developed pictures Sarah took at summer camp. Tonight is an open house at Sarah’s middle school so that she can get her class schedule and the first list of supplies. Over the next week the supply lists will trickle in as well as the check requests (school fees, workbooks, agendas, PTA, etc.).

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