South Knox Bubba has welcomed me to The Rocky Top Brigade. Thank you for the honor! This is better than a debutante ball. A virtual curtsy to all the Southerners out there. I usually whine and reveal too many details about my personal life but sometimes I talk about UT football, Tennessee foolishness and our school system. Actually, I talk about our schools a lot.

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  1. Geez, I either forgot to include a URL or else it was missing from the post. It’s up there now, and here it is again:
    [http://wampum.wabanaki.net/]do check the old PLA files too: [http://pla.blogspot.com/]

  2. Hey Cathy, Mary Beth and Dwight Meredith can help you out with some of the same issues with your autistic child. Tommy has plenty of company and there’s lots of resources out there now to deal with the usual bureaucratic BS. Unfortunately the ADA has been recently watered down substantially by the USSC, but hey, they do that to elections and civil rights too, so it’s nothing personal, right? Dwight Does live in Atlanta BTW.

    Reading down I knew immediately what happened to your dad. I do hope he reconsiders about the surgery, you just don’t walk around long with that stuff.

    I’m a UTK grad and was directed here via SKB. Cheers & Good Luck, VJ

  3. Welcome to the RTB!

    I’m the mom of a “differently brained” kid too. He’s got bipolar disorder and severe PTSD. We also negotiated the pitfalls and frustrations of getting him in a good place in school. We finally did, and he’s doing great … almost ready to transition back to “regular” school.

    You do know about Wright’s Law.com?? Lotsa good info about special ed there.

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