I was happy yesterday that the day wasn’t what it could have been. I was also happy when Molly(our 3-month-old shepherd puppy) slept in my lap. Today I am happy that my family will be spending the afternoon together. Well, except for my non-voting brother who doesn’t visit enough. Sending guilt trip over the internet.

Thursday we attended a school sponsored carnival-type event and I complained to Doug about the t-shirts with snarky expressions that are being marketed to pre-teen and teenaged girls. Friday, Sarah had a broken shoelace and desperate to get her to the bus stop I remembered that she had some wide pink laces she bought with birthday money at her favorite store. Halfway through the lace exchange I looked close enough to see that the laces had more than bunny pictures, they had words. I sent my child to middle school in shoes with cursing bunny laces. I am such a bad parent.

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  1. I think the stuff is very funny, but I’m embarrassed to be one of the parents allowing their pre-adolescent daughters to run around in smart-mouthed “bunny” clothes. I want a pair of the funny black panties I saw on your blog. 🙂

  2. Oh, that’s funny! (Sorry, but it’s so easy for nonparents to get a huge kick out of these things. I’m deporable, I know.)

    I do like that T-shirt on the link. I wouldn’t mind having one.

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