It’s been a busy day and it’s getting late but I had to take my Genuine
Monday Walkabout:
Wampum is my first addition. Described as a blog about “Progressive Politics, Indian Issues, and Autism Advocacy” I had to read what they have to say.
Oh … Really? is my second addition. She is a Southern Mom with a child I understand. My third new blog is,
Inn of the Last Home because we’re the same age and there’s so many teenagers blogging that I need to feel normal instead of old for a change. My fourth addition is,
Strengthen the Good, which is more of a meme than a blog but I like their idea and hope you’ll check them out. The last one today is
juliepoolie who was on my list last week but I’m still pitching her blog. She’s smart, funny and getting married for the first and only time to the man of her dreams. Give her some encouragement and advice!

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