Today I am happy that Girl Scouts is kicking back into high gear. Even though I’m not organized yet, it’s something I really enjoy doing with Sarah. I am happy that Doug hasn’t completely fallen apart yet. I’m happy that Tommy’s school hasn’t called with any complaints. I’m happy that Noah’s bus is stopping off of Northshore. This is like a small miracle since they originally wanted to stop on the other side of Northshore which was a horrible location for small, impulsive people to be during rush hour. I am happy that Amy didn’t fall out of Sarah’s bed where she slept last night (unbeknownst to us until this morning). Amy has a toddler bed that is less than a foot off the ground while Sarah’s twin bed is elevated and surrounded by a hard frame. I am happy that Sarah lets her little sister curl up with her. I am happy Julie is the kind of person who does this for her wedding registry. I am happy that it’s bedtime!

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