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  1. (after all, it’s our duty as a parent to treasure every possible opportunity to embarass our kids when they get older.)

  2. I thought she was doing a ritualistic, tribal dance in hopes that the correct television show would come on next. She is obviously adorned with representations of her top 3 “Dora” “Sesame Street” and “Sponge Bob.” The stomping and upwardly outstretched arm is not unlike some of the native American dances we have seen popularized on television. Hmm, television.. Now that’s circular..not unlike the dance!

  3. No need. If she keeps this up the wedding will be o’ natural. Her nudist (pardon me, naturalist) friends would simply think we were kindly showing a photo history of her growning up.

    I foresee great dialogs like:
    “The ring please.” Laugh. Gasps. “It’s called a Prince Albert!” (link is safe-its from The Lord of the Rings DVD as an easter egg- but adult oriented material- very funny)

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