Monday night was the Asperger’s Support Group meeting and I keep replaying some of the conversations. The evening was dominated by conversations about immunizations, dental work and all the other environmental poisons that are “causing” Autism. I don’t use any special diets, avoid immunizations or seek out dentists who don’t use metals. My home is not chemical free (cleansers used, types of construction materials, etc.) and I don’t buy organic foods. I am not searching desperately for the “cause” of Autism because I don’t think my son has a disease. I am certainly not desperately clinging to the hope of some “cure” for Autism. Autism didn’t happen because of the Industrial Revolution, it has always been, we just didn’t have labels for everything until recently. In the past anyone who was different was kept locked in the attic, shipped off to asylums, beaten to death or lobotomized. Yes, my son is different. Sometimes his differences are annoying and other times they are quite funny but regardless of what label you stick on him he is just who he is. I don’t need any more anecdotes about travelling to Holland. I am living in the same world as everyone else only without the sunglasses that make everything look pretty. When I tried to explain my feelings to the group several people looked horrified. “Well, I can’t just sit back and do nothing while my child is being poisoned but I’m glad you can accept it.” So, I think someone else should take over the support group.

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  1. “So, I think someone else should take over the support group.” That is an irrational and disappointing response.

    You run a great support group. Already your efforts have benefitted many people!

    Keep up the great work! Make no compromises.

  2. AS is not a sickness–it’s a perfectly normal, though often irritating, difference. And as for shots, well, the New Scientist web site has an archive of balanced coverage on this legitimate question. The current consensus is that there is no immediate evidence suggesting that Measles Mumps Rubella shots has lead to an increase in Autism. Support groups can be downers.

  3. sounds like you need two separate support groups. some people just can’t accept the illness as an illness that has always been here, as you say. is there a way to support one another while accepting that everyone approaches this illness differently? just a thought

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