No new library for Knoxville. If Knoxvillians had their way, they’d say no to every change and new expense. In other Knoxville news, they put someone who is clearly a danger to society in jail. I’ve visited and interviewed teens at Taft (yes, including one of these teens) and adults at Brushy Mountain and people come out of jail worse than when they went in jail. I’ve said it before and I say it again, jail is ONLY for people who are a danger to others. It is not a place where anyone gets reformed or learns their lesson. Martha Stewart doesn’t belong there but despite this woman’s child-like appearance, she does belong in jail. Do not expect her to make any changes for the better because of jail but do know that her life could have turned out differently if interventions had taken place when she was much younger. Even when justice seems fair it is still sad.

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  1. I’m not sure of your point here. Are you saying they should’ve been more lenient with her?

    That because of her age, she will never know anything but prison, and will come out worse than when she went in?

    And you say that jail is only for people who are a danger to others – you don’t believe she is a danger to others?

    I’m not saying I necessarily agree or disagree – I’m just don’t know enough about you to discern your meaning…

  2. Okey dokey, we have the fabulous Clarence Brown Theatre, bowling alleys and movie theaters. We have lots of restaurants too, but don’t get too attached because they come and go quickly.

  3. we are just full of culture here in knoxville. no new library and no ballet this season. i guess all the culture we git is football, go vols.

  4. Whattya mean, no theatre?

    I’m thinking about trying out for Into the Woods this weekend at the Clarence Brown, so there 🙂

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