Remember a month ago when I asked Noah’s pediatrician and his ENT why there was a red flag on the blood work the hospital did during his nose bleed? Well, just as I had forgotten it the ENT called this evening and asked me to please get an appointment with the hematologist because it’s an indicator of a blood disorder. So, tomorrow I find out how long I have to wait to get an appointment to do further tests to get to wait for further results before I know anything. Waiting bites. It eats away at you from the inside like teeny little Pac-Men dining on the lining of your stomach. Three weeks until our appointment.

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  1. What’s more, some researchers are finding that ” … mild VWD could be a health benefit. ” They explain it this way. VWD makes it more difficult for platelets to stick together. Because of this, people with VWD could have less chance of blood clots blocking arteries (atherosclerosis), and therefore, less chance of heart attacks and strokes.

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