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  1. From what I remember, the Canturbury Tales were pretty racy for their time. I guess I had a good teacher for my Brit Lit class in high school. I’ve tried to read LOR and it’s pretty rough, too. but, that’s just my opinion.

  2. In my Senior English class, we had to do a major author thesis. We got to pick our author and I wanted JRR Tolkien. The teacher and I went about ten rounds before I prevailed in convincing her that Tolkien qualified. Then she scorned my thesis … “JRR Tolkien: A 20th Century Epic Writer”

    Six weeks and many hours stuck in the library later (this was wayyyyy before the internet), I produced my paper and received an A-. It was the highest grade this tough-as-nails teacher that everyone dreaded and hated ever gave. It would have been an A+ but there were formatting errors … margin too narrow and space between text and footnotes was too wide. Remember … there was no such thing as Microsoft Word back then.

    Kids have it way too easy these days.

    OMG .. I sound like my mom!

  3. Well, sure now that they’ve got the movies of the Lord of the Rings, I bet a lot of kids wish they’d teach it instead. LOL. There was a film version of Canterbury Tales featuring Tom Baker, who went on to later fame as the 4th Doctor in Doctor Who. I’ve not seen the film as its claim to fame is he stars in one of the suacy tales and is quite nekkid…sorry, but I just do NOT want to see full frontal nudity of the fourth Doctor. It would ruin Doctor Who for me.

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