What is Doug like in bed? I know you want all the juicy details so, look away if you’re shy talking about things that happen in the bed. Still reading? Ok then, here goes. Doug sleeps like a rock. While I toss and turn for an hour or more searching for comfort, Doug is asleep the second his lids close. I can doodle on him with a marker and put candy wrappers in his ears and he continues to sleep (sleep deprivation makes me crazy). But don’t be fooled by the coma-like sleep, Doug will suddenly sit straight up without rhyme or reason in a state of panic. Sometimes he doesn’t just sit straight up, he jumps to a standing position. “What?!?” At this point I either mumble a death threat if he doesn’t lie back down or I pet his arm and he deflates back into the bed and returns to his coma. Not satisfied with the ‘middle-of-the-night wake-up game’ that results in me tossing and turning for yet another hour, Doug likes to play the ‘time to get up game’. He hints about this game in his blog but I’ll explain it from my point of view. Doug sets the alarm clock in our headboard for two different times. Then he sets an alarm on his computer and an alarm on his cell phone. These alarms start going off at 3 a.m. and continue until 6:30 a.m. He slaps the snooze or ignores the alarm until I kick him repeatedly to turn it off. This is the most obnoxious and annoying game in the world and the worst part is that he never realizes how many times the alarms go off. He’ll deny that the entire episode happened despite my stumbling around the house like a zombie for the first two hours of the day. See why the idea of 24 hours alone in a nice hotel appeals to me?

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  1. I distinctly recall being in high school and Doug coming home from college and me getting up in the morning, walking into him room to turn off the alarm after 10 or 15 minutes of it going off (not snoozed), and just as I got near the switch he would reach out and turn it off.

    Also, when he was in college, he played what I guess is the beta version of the alarm game. When he would sleep through an alarm, he would buy another one. This stopped pretty quickly, as I recall, once he had six alarm clocks scattered around the apartment.

  2. In my own defense, I have never set an alarm on the computer. The alarm clock on the bed plays music at 6:15 and a buzzer at 6:20. My cell phone had a vibrating alarm that went off at 4am but I quit setting that a couple of weeks ago per my wife’s request.

    Most mornings I now wake before the alarm clock goes off.

    I have done no alarm snoozing in quite some time.

  3. There is no game anymore. One alarm clock. Music at 6:15. Beeper at 6:20.

    This morning I turned the alarm off before it every sounded.

    Yes, in college I had a dorm room the size of a closet. I had an alarm clock by the bed. One on the top of the chest of drawers. And one on the window sill. Each alarm was set 1 minute apart. While still half asleep I could snooze each alarm in succession with one foot still in the bed and return to sleep having almost not realized what I had done.

  4. This morning the battery on the cell phone was dying and beeped alot. No alarm was set. But a phone was almost smashed.

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